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Развитие на дигиралните умения на възрастни чрез семейно

КД204 – Стратегически партньорства за обучение на възрастни

about the PROJECT


Rapid technological and social development requires people to accelerate their adaptability to new situations. Some find that challenging due to unfavorable circumstances, such as age-related lack of certain skills or lower motivation to learn. Older people experience a shortage of modern skills in different fields, primarily digital competencies. As they have fewer qualifications in the rapidly growing technology sector, they struggle to take full advantage of public services and virtual communication tools. Their quality of life gets affected.

To deal with these challenges, it is important to create new training models by expanding the synergy of various adult training institutions and by improving the competencies of their staff. For this purpose 6 organizations from Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and Turkey joined their efforts for a common project.

The aim of the project is to improve partners’ potential in developing the elderly’s digital skills by empowering adults’ educators to promote and organize family learning.

This type of learning is becoming increasingly popular around the world as it provides a range of opportunities for families to learn together.

For the elderly, family learning can be the first step to taking up learning opportunities. It leads not only to the improvement of one’s skills, but also activation of the intergenerational collaboration, develops moral values and positive attitudes, uplifts mood and has a substantial impact on health, family relations, and lifelong learning.


To achieve the set goal, specific objectives were implemented:


4 international experience exchange events have been arranged with a purpose to improve the competences of adults’ trainers on family learning. As a result, 40 adults’ trainers broadened their professional horizons and grow their competences.


New ideas for family learning have been generated and tested in all partner institutions. 120 elderly people and their family members have been involved and improved their digital competencies by discovering the benefits of family learning.


Examples of the best practices and training materials on the development of the elderly’s digital skills through family learning have been collected and published in this internet resource and can be used as ideas for other adult educators.