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Development of Elderly’s Digital Skills Through Family Learning





"Values, Virtues, Integrity" Foundation




NAZHAYAT association




Pärnu Central Library




The library fulfils cultural, informational and educational functions. It is one of the most advanced libraries in Lithuania and helps people adapt to today’s technology environment. The library‘s staff organize educational programs for children and adults on how to use technologies purposefully in the learning process. In 2019, a Family Digital Activity Center (DigiHub) was opened at the library. It invites people of various ages to learn about advanced technologies – virtual reality, edge-of-things computing, Kinect, 3D programming, robotics. 

Utena Public library has many years of experience in developing family learning programs and innovative educational content. Through this activity the library expands understanding of digital literacy by covering the newest technological achievements. It also supports family and intergenerational learning, develops confidence between different generations, strenghtens moral values, facilitates more cohesive communities empoweing children, parents, grandparents, students, and teachers to learn, create, and gradually strengthen important competences together. The whole learning process is based on creative work – people learn by building, modelling, and designing.


“Values, Virtues, Integrity” Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization registered at the Sofia City and acting in the public interest. Main goal of the Foundation is to foster the formation, promotion and embodiment of life-affirming values, virtues, and integrity in Bulgaria, Europe and the globe at the levels of personality, family, organization, guild, community, and society in fields like education, science, arts and culture, sports and tourism, ecology and sustainable development, civic participation and public actions for the formulation of policies, healthcare and social activities, work with representatives of vulnerable groups, media, and other interested in the foundation’s sphere of activities organizations and institutions at the local, national and international levels.

The main mission of the Foundation is the creation and development of intelligence on values in Bulgarian society.

The organization is active in educational and employment activities for people of different generations and is looking for new ways to do this.


EduVita is an Italian NGO dedicated to the promotion of lifelong learning and the development of intergenerational and intercultural relationships. It is an open space for different generations meeting, a cultural and educational centre in Lecce, South Italy. Before creating the NGO, an informal group of young people has been collaborating actively with local and foreign NGOs for developing education possibilities for all generations. They noticed that there is a lack of opportunities in Lecce for intergenerational education and for developing trainers’ competencies in non-formal youth and adult education. The idea of lifelong learning space EduVita was born – a co-working and co-learning in Lecce where to create and share knowledge considering the experience of different generations. EduVita has the following objectives:

  • promote lifelong learning for social inclusion;
  • promote the social development of people with disadvantages through the education of people of all ages;
  • develop intergenerational relationships through constructive dialogue and exchange of experiences;
  • promote collaboration between the university environment, non-profit organizations and the professional world;
  • promote non-formal and digital education
  • promote youth initiative and entrepreneurship

Activities of the organization:

  • networking with local youth organisations; involvement of ESC volunteers in the activities of our NGO;
  • the organisation of workshops for local youth at schools.
  • courses and workshops to take the first steps in digital, using the PC, tablet and smartphone. 
  • language courses for over 55 provided by young educators;
  • intergenerational Book exchanges. Books presentations. 
  • Creation of a platform for collaboration between adult and youth educators for research, cooperation and training.


Nazhayat association was founded in 2015 by a group of teachers in order to bridge the gap between generations and cultures. The association offers a variety of courses for people of different ages and backgrounds. One of the strongest focus areas is to encourage older adults and retirees to be actively involved in all parts of the community’s daily and social life. To help them achieve that, the association provides relevant courses, such as ICT and language courses. All association members work at the Public Education Center, which is focused on providing courses to adults. Besides 30 official members, there is a great number of volunteers ready to take part in and assist with local activities. The general mission of the association is to expand local knowledge and improve education. As an association, Nazhayat provides the following services:

  • ICT courses for adults – the use of PC and smartphones;
  • English language courses for adults and teenagers;
  • Jogging activities in mountainous areas on weekends;
  • Cultural daily tours to historic sites;
  • Seminars and events;
  • Folk dances for different age groups;
  • Cycling activities, orienteering activities.


UCLM is a young university with a high potential for teaching and research. It has its main campus located in four cities: Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo. It is a modern and competitive institution that houses almost 30 000 students, 2 270 teachers and researchers and 1 059 administrative and service staff. This implies having a tremendous human capital in the

institution, so it is a smart choice for those who want to improve their lifelong learning and also, for international students who are seeking academic, life or language enrichment. 

The UCLM offers alternatives to those who, with previous studies or without them, find pleasure in study and knowledge. In this line, the Senior University “José Saramago” goes beyond covering alternative training needs.  

The University Program “José Saramago” 50 plus is a program aimed at all those people over 50 who find pleasure in study and knowledge.  The main activities of 50 plus program are as follows:

  • Cultural activities of education, vocational training and social interests for educational purposes.
  • Projects carried out in the field of social interest;
  • Organization and implementation of cultural, artistic and recreational activities of social interest, including activities aimed at promoting and disseminating culture, volunteering and other social activities;
  • Cooperation for development;
  • Intergenerational projects;
  • Researching best practices in adult education.


Pärnu Central Library is a multifunctional modern cultural and lifelong learning centre. It has about 15 thousand registered users and 11 branch libraries. For older adults, the library organizes reading clubs, film nights, literary soirees, and lectures on different topics of music, literature, arts, and handicraft workshops. The library also organizes information and digital literacy training for seniors – elderly people are taught to use online catalogues, internet resources, and e-book readers. All these activities support lifelong learning. Pärnu central library also assists and guides the local libraries in Pärnu County in developing modern services, facilities and skills. Pärnu central library is actively involved in librarians’ qualification development activities – lectures and training for the librarians in Pärnu County are being organized.

Like all public libraries, Pärnu Central Library offers individual digital aid to seniors and different digital workshops to children.